Ecco - Vortex

Film: The Cove

Well... I finally sat down and made myself watch The Cove.

The reason I'd waited so long? Well, mainly because I've been following the story since at least a year before the movie was released. My first contact with the Japanese dolphin slaughter was through that clip from Earthlings about the Futo slaughter. Most of the stuff in the movie? Already knew about. The mercury-laced meat, the sale of live dolphins funding the slaughter, the self-awareness of dolphins, the Japanese media's coverup, Cathy the dolphin's suicide, corruption at the International Whaling Commission, the works.

For folks who don't, though, it's a very good gathering of the facts, paced well as a sort of real-life espionage film. I'd recommend it, if only for the information. Would have liked to see their stats on how many off-the-street Japanese they interviewed who did and didn't know about the slaughter, but that's about my only gripe.

And since the movie was released, I've continued following things as they continue unfolding via Sea Shepherd and Save Japan Dolphins. Have things improved? Yes, and... no. Briefly, demand for the meat seems to be declining, but they are still being driven, still selling the few for top yen and killing the rest, and the kill method is more discrete but nearly as cruel. (One would think that severing something's spine would indeed be instantaneous, but the hunters are either so incompetent at it or so cruel that they're still taking several clearly conscious minutes to die. And... besides, they're self-aware, intelligent beings whose flesh is furthermore toxic: I'd still be against the kills even if they really were killed instantly and stress-free.)

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SotC - ur afterlifes

Yeah, go stick a dagger in your eye!

So, I got The Sims Medieval, and as usual with Simmish games am filling it with fannish stuff. Current town has Ocarina-Link (Knight), Rusl (Smith, of course), Wander (Peterian priest) and... Emon! Emon is the Jacobian priest.

I rolled a fairly random spy who has the Bloodthirsty fatal flaw, which makes him want to fight people. When his 'itching for a fight' debuff appeared, I cackled madly and set him on Emon.

The resulting fistfight really made me giggle waaaaaay too much...

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Ecco - Power of Dolphin

Ecco music makes everything awesome.

Someone with more musical talent than me should make a mashup of "Welcome to the Machine" from Genesis Ecco the Dolphin and "Decisive Battle! N" from Pokemon Black and White.

Also I may kind of want to do a Let's Play of Pokemon Black with key moments rescored with Ecco music. Mutaclone's theme would go well with the Ghetsis battle, for example.

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Sparky - Headset

Baby seat.

My evening went like this:

Sparky: Yaaaaay weekeeeeend~ :D *trots out to trike*
Nayru the Trike: *has a baby seat in her basket.*
Sparky: ...My trike has a baby seat in the basket. o_o
Co-worker: *walks by*
Sparky: Hey! *lifts baby seat out of basket* Want a randomly-appearing baby seat?!
Co-worker: o_o

Sparky: *brings baby seat in to supervisor*
Supervisor: ... o_o
Sparky: ...Baby seat? It was in my trike basket. I dunno.
Supervisor: Oh... kay...
Sparky: *holds it out* Lost and found? :D
Supervisor: *gingerly takes it off me* Um... I guess I'll, uh, send out an email for a lost... baby seat...
Sparky: Have a nice weekend, boss. :3
PMD - Mudkip - Shocked


Yeah, yeah. Peer pressure for the win... I wound up with Pokemon Black. Because N is the most adorable... the most adorable. And I know I'll still wind up with Grey version, too! Darn you, Nintendo... >_>

Mainly been playing that, VHR, and tossing N and the female PC into Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers with Ris. After tossing PMD:E Grovyle into Black. BEST EVER.
SoA - Taking Action

Random Reminiscing: Skies of Arcadia

I'll always carry fond, maddening memories of getting the Dreamcast version of Skies of Arcadia.

Skies was probably the third JRPG I ever played through to the end (after Quest 64 and Pokemon Red), and it's still one of my favourite games of all time... but man, was it an adventure getting it! You see, at the time videogame selection in my town was pretty poor. After weeks of calling around to the places that had games (even getting some remarks that "we've been getting a lot of calls about that one", almost certainly driven by one eager kid), a store finally got one copy. One.

So Dad took me to the store and we got that one copy, and I spent eight hours of pure bliss with the game before, just after the first ship boss (during the scene change between the Recumen battle and the Belleza battle), the game locked up. Every time! The disc was bad! So we took that one copy back to the store, where they apologized, and I had to wait a week for the replacement one copy to come in.

Worth every minute. I still have that one copy, though I actually play the Gamecube version when I get into a Skiesy mood. I really should do that Vyse the Legend run of Legends sometime soon... :)
SoA - Power of Delphinus

Radiant Historia

I guess the DS's era may be ending with the 3DS out soon, but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of sparklies for it! Today, I'd like to tell everyone about a great little JRPG just released last month in the States! It's called Radiant Historia, by Atlus. It is what happens when you take Skies of Arcadiaish dialogue choices and bash them over the head a lot with Zelda: Majora's Mask's creepy and time travel elements, or quite possibly Chrono Trigger's which, erm, I need to play. Moving on!
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