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Sparky Lurkdragon
13 September
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I'm known as Sparky Lurkdragon. I lurk and I like to pretend I'm a dragon. It fits. I like to think I'm pretty easygoing most of the time, quietly ghosting and lurking around the Internet, but I can get pretty fired up at times if I get poked the right way.

As far as interests go, I like artistic stuff such as drawing, writing, and videogames. I like playing with language as a writer, and I enjoy watching language getting mangled in fun and interesting ways. Also, I'm a childfree atheist who thinks some non-humans (certain cetaceans in particular) are probably sapient.

My fanworks - let me show you them.

I post fanfiction to FanFiction.Net and FicWad.
I post artwork to DeviantArt.
I post fanvids to YouTube.

My fanfic100 Ecco the Dolphin challenge is... 28% complete.
My personal llama_song100 challenge is... 1% complete.
My oc_art100 Randomcritters challenge is... 14% complete.
My fanart100 "Jijiju" challenge is... 1% complete. (The Pikachu from Hey You, Pikachu! and Pokémon Channel)

This method of keeping track of fannish stuff shamelessly stolen from air_pirate_ris. Hey, I'm a Blue Rogue, too. : )p